RFP – Green Construction Certification Program for Youth

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As part of ICAST’s mission to expand economic development, ICAST trains youth (16-24) on green building construction skills and then hires them to work on our multifamily green retrofit projects. ICAST is interested in developing a certification program for ‘green building’ for at least 120 youth. We are looking for an education partner who can help us develop a custom …

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Top 5 Utility Companies Providing Energy Efficient Services to Their Customers

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Utility companies are not created equal. Some innovate and continually improve their programs, while others remain stuck in the past. One key indicator of how a utility company stacks up is its energy efficiency performance. To help compare utilities’ energy efficiency efforts, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy recently released a first-of-its-kind scorecard analyzing the 51 top utility companies’ …

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The Increasing Importance of Energy Efficiency in Senior Housing

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After years of stagnant wages and rising costs of living, American households are feeling the pressures of the nationwide affordable housing shortage. For those on a tight budget, such as seniors living on a fixed-budget, utilities bills can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. On the other hand, reducing utilities costs can be critical to improving housing affordability. …

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Why Preserving Affordable Housing Can Be More Important than Building It

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Dozens of cranes in the Denver skyline are an encouraging sign for many residents that the city’s economy is booming. New buildings populated with bright, modern apartments and ambitious businesses are undoubtedly important to Denver’s urban development. But another type of building innovation is happening in the city, and in many ways it’s more important to the communities that live …

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Financial Incentives You Don’t Want to Miss When Retrofitting Multifamily Housing

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Multifamily housing owners looking to retrofit their property face many challenges, often chief among them is project financing. Retrofits that include energy and water conservation measures, a.k.a. deep retrofits, can be an even tougher choice because of the (false) reputation of green upgrades being more costly. In reality, there are many programs and incentives that enable multifamily housing owners to implement deep …

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HUD’s RAD Green Incentive

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With the Public Housing Authority (PHA) program facing a ~$27 billion shortfall to finance capital improvements, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) found a creative way to bridge the gap: Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD).   Many PHAs tap RAD to provide capital for construction and financing. However, few are aware that RAD also provides an opportunity to access the benefits associated with …

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Peer Diffusion – Driving Energy Upgrades in Communities Worldwide

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Did you see the new light bulbs your neighbor installed last month? How about the solar panels across the street? Feeling like you’re missing out on “must have” energy upgrades turns out to be one of the most surefire drivers of residential energy efficiency in American markets and abroad. A seminal study from the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and Building …


Why isn’t RAD Working for Everyone?

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The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) website reports a $26 billion backlog of deferred maintenance for public housing nationwide. The backlog represents thousands of households living in run-down and inefficient buildings—conditions which lead to higher healthcare and utility costs, increasing stress on low-income communities. Clearly there is a need to be addressed, and one of the solutions …

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Energy Efficiency Spending in Multifamily Housing Triples in Four Years

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Energy efficiency programs have long failed to serve the multifamily housing sector due to several barriers to entry. With nearly 21 million (one in six) American households living in apartments or other multifamily buildings, this failure is widespread. However, some encouraging news was detailed in ACEEE’s new report: utility-sector energy efficiency programs that serve multifamily housing properties have nearly tripled …

Trump supports coal energy at a rally

Clean Energy is not a Priority for Trump, Leaving Market Forces to Drive Progress

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Despite the Trump Administration’s clear support for the fossil fuel industry, the renewable energy sector remains optimistic as the President forges ahead on his to-do list. Surprisingly, the list of infrastructure projects cherry-picked by the Trump Administration for their support includes multiple clean energy projects. While these projects are mostly state or privately-funded, the potential support in the form of …