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Multifamily DSM Program

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Important! Updated May 5, 2021 – Rocky Mountain Power’s planned changes to the Multifamily program will become effective June 4, 2021. If you have questions or need more information, please contact us.

Rocky Mountain Power has hired ICAST to provide multifamily properties with incentives to create energy savings in all types of multifamily properties.
ICAST will deliver tens of millions of kWh savings to Rocky Mountain Power over the next 3 years, integrating its innovative one-stop-shop program into Rocky Mountain Power’s Wattsmart Homes program. Another unique aspect of this new offering is that low-income multifamily properties will make up to 50% of the total energy savings.

    Wattsmart Multifamily Program

    Multifamily properties with four or more units can get cash incentives for energy-efficient upgrades and new construction, including:

    • Appliances

    • Building shell

    • HVAC

    • Lighting 

    • Weatherization

    • Water heating

    Our experts will identify energy-saving opportunities at your new or existing property. You choose what energy efficient equipment to install. And we can help you access incentives for your project.

    View videos from the training session recorded on July 30, 2021.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How does it work?
    For a new construction project, please see, “Can I get an incentive for a new building (New Construction)?”

    For upgrades to existing buildings, as a program participant, our experts will perform a FREE energy audit of your property to identify potential energy-efficient improvements along with associated costs and savings estimates.

    After the energy audit, you'll get a FREE project proposal to help you make informed energy decisions. From there, the choice is up to you. You can:

    1. Choose to move forward with the entire project installing all qualifying upgrades.

    2. Select a portion of qualifying upgrades from the project proposal.

    3. Elect to do nothing.

    We provide incentives for the upgrades you make.

    Q: Why should I participate?
    It's easy. You'll have a single point of contact to help you through the process.

    It makes financial sense. By participating, you can:

    • Reduce operating costs

    • Improve your profitability

    • Lower your energy bills

    • Enhance property value

    We provide incentives and resources for financing.

    • Rocky Mountain Power Wattsmart incentives

    • Additional incentives and rebates, including gas and water utility rebates

    • Fannie, Freddie, and Federal Housing Administration green lending incentives

    • Energy efficiency tax credits and deductions

    • Low-cost financing from various sources

    Better living environment. Increased comfort, health, and safety for tenants creates lower turnover and higher occupancy.

    Q: Is my property eligible?
    Multifamily property owners and management companies who own rental properties served by Rocky Mountain Power in Utah. Outside lighting and common areas billed under non-residential rate schedules are eligible to receive incentives from this program but may not receive additional equipment purchase or installation incentives from other programs.

    Q: What energy-efficient upgrades are eligible to receive incentives?
    Since this is a holistic approach to energy savings for multifamily properties, all energy efficiency products that you are considering to install, that will result in energy savings, can be eligible to receive incentives so long as they’re certified by organizations such as ENERGY STAR, Consortium for Energy Efficiency, and/or Design Lights Consortium, and fit within the following categories:

    • Appliances

    • Building shell

    • HVAC

    • Weatherization

    • Water heating

    Q: How much will my incentive be?
    Customer incentives are based on property type and electric energy savings up to a percentage of total project costs.

    Multifamily Property Type



    Low income  

    Properties where the majority of households earn less than 80% of the area median income

    Up to $0.36/kWh. Up to 100% of total project cost.

    Market rate

    Properties where the majority of households earn more than 80% of the area median income.

    Up to $0.30/kWh. Up to 70% of total project cost.

    When you participate, we will ask you for the number of units and income level of tenants for your property. The area median income or median household income will be determined using the current census data provided by the American Community Survey (ACS), which gets updated annually. We will use the ACS census area median income for the county where the property is located.  

    Q: When can I apply for this program?
    You can apply when:

    • You want to evaluate the benefits of energy efficiency upgrades for your multifamily property and would like help in determining if this program is right for you; or
    • You have determined the energy efficiency upgrades you want to install at your property and are ready to move forward.

    In either case, the program administrator will confirm your eligibility to participate in this program and then schedule a site visit to qualify the energy efficiency upgrades and determine the incentives.

    Q: What is the process to receive an incentive? What is required for participation?

    1. Before you install energy efficiency products at your property, please email or call our program administrator at or 1-866-739-9741 to request an energy audit.

    2. We conduct an on-site energy audit and provide a report that confirms your incentive amount.

    3. You implement your project.

    4. We provide a post-installation inspection.

    5. You get your incentive. 

    You have the option to have our program administrator manage your entire project, including permitting, installation and financing.

    Q: When will I receive my incentive?
    You get the incentive within 45 days of project completion and receipt of required documentation. Alternatively, you have the option to reduce the total cost of the project by the incentive amount, in which case a third party addendum will be required to allow the incentive to be paid to the program implementer.

    Q: What organization is administering this program?
    The International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology, or ICAST, is a nonprofit organization that administers the multifamily program in Utah.  

    The program administrator can coordinate your project from beginning to end, including scheduling the energy audit and post-installation inspections.

    Q: Can I get an incentive for a new building (New Construction)?
    If you are planning a new multifamily building or a major rehabilitation to your existing property that requires you to meet local building codes as part of your rehab plans, and are interested in receiving incentives for making it more efficient than the current code*, here is what you need to do:

    1. Contact us by phone or email indicating interest (866.739-9741 or

    2. We will send you instructions and an application.

    3. Provide details of the building(s) including baseline and energy efficient conditions.*

    4. Provide energy savings estimate including baseline consumption and energy efficient consumption.*

    5. Information that will help us determine if you qualify for low income (LI) incentives.

    6. We will inform you of the incentive you qualify for based on your application and will ‘reserve’ the incentive amount for your project.

    7. Upon project completion, provide final documentation including any recalculation of energy savings over local code requirement*, once building is occupied.

    8. We will verify your submission and issue you your cash incentive. 

    New construction incentives are only available to RMP customers. In order to receive rebate you must provide documentation which verifies your account number. Accepted documentation options include but are not limited to: billing documentation or a print out of your Online Account page. 

    Please note that submissions may be required to include the permitted compliance letter, code analysis, or review comments which specifies the accepted building code that the project was designed to.

    Contact us before you make energy upgrades at your Multifamily property.

    Please call 1-866-739-9741.

    You can also reach us at

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