ICAST is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides social, economic, and environmental benefits to communities in a manner that builds local capacity.

ICAST Services 
ResourceSmart executes multifamily property rehabilitation, installing upgrades that positively impact property owners and their tenants.
Triple Bottom Line Foundation is a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), offering a variety of financial products that generate measurable social, environmental, and economic impact.
Project Sunlight is on a mission to tackle the affordable housing crisis head on. Become a Strategic Philanthropist  and help address affordable housing issues.
ICAST News & Events 
ICAST Wins Department of Energy Grant
October 3, 2016
ICAST was awarded a $1M Department of Energy grant to build its capacity to provide energy efficiency retrofits and green upgrades to multifamily housing projects. Senator Michael Bennet helped announce the grant alongside ICAST President Ravi Malhotra and several partner organizations (pictured). This funding will be leveraged to scale the ICAST model nationallyproviding social, environmental, and economic benefits to   underserved communities via preserving affordable housing and fighting the climate crisis.
ICAST Wins Wells Fargo Grant
August 1, 2016
ICAST is collaborating with Wells Fargo to preserve public housing through green rehabilitation. Approximately 1.2 million low-income families, elderly, and persons with disabilities currently live in public housing in Colorado. These properties are managed by Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) and are funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Wells Fargo will help ICAST to launch a pilot program which allows small PHAs to make green upgrades on their properties. These improvements will save residents $1.25 million on energy bills and over the life of the upgrades, making an important and significant impact on their family finances and living expenses. 
ICAST Wins Listen For Good Fund
August 1, 2016
ICAST will be able to engage residents for feedback regarding all of the ways they interact with ICAST. The ResourceSmart program often provides rehab to tenant-occupued units, residents interact with ResourceSmart during the rehab implementation process. ICAST prides itself on treating residents well and ensuring their schedules and personal needs are respected. Feedback from residents would help ensure that ICAST's current process is minimally disruptive to the tenant's daily activities, and would highlight any areas for improvement. ICAST wants tenants to feel comfortable around ResourceSmart program providers. 
Green Multi-Family Affordable Housing (MFAH) Resource Guide
July 14, 2016
This guide, developed from 2015-2016, is meant to help other practitioners scale and replicate ICAST’s market-based approach to green rehab in MFAH properties.It lays out the specific performance of cost-effective green rehab measures that can be applied to MFAH properties, and also addresses how to engage the owners of affordable housing properties, overcome barriers such as ‘split-incentive’, educate MFAH residents, and find innovative solutions that can preserve MFAH properties using a sustainable market-based approach. ResourceGuide
Executive Speaker Series
July 26, 2016
Effective leadership entails creating a vision of the future and the ability to inspire and motivate people to engage and support that vision even under very difficult and rapidly changing conditions. This definition is exemplified by a member of one of Colorado's most well-known business families. Join us for an engaging and exciting evening as Dick Monfort, owner/Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the Colorado Rockies baseball team, walks us through the challenges that the team has faced and how those challenges were resolved. Dick will also give us a glimpse into the future of this storied franchise. Dick Monfort 
Plant's Ability To Slow Climate Change Depends On Their Fungi
June 30, 2016
New Research has revealed that plants that associate with one of of two main types of fungi (Ectomycorrhizal fungi) can take advantage of higher carbon dioxide levels even when soil nitrogen is low whereas plants associated with the other type (Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi) cannot. The work was led by scientists from Imperial College London and including researchers from Northern Arizona University, Indiana University and the University of Antwep. The findings will help predict how much plants will be able to offset future carbon dioxide as plants that associate with either kind of fungi can be identified without checking the fungi in each one. For example, grassland plants typically associate with Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi while coniferous forest plants typically associate with Ectomycorrhizal fungi. The researchers analyzed 83 CO2 fertilization experiments and found that Ectomycorrhizal plants were able to grow on average 30 percent more with increased CO2 and limited nitrogen whereas Arbuscular mycorrhizal plants did not grow any extra at all. For more information, click here: Plant's Inability 
Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) Reduction to 25 Basis Points for Existing Multifamily Properties
June 9, 2016 
There has been never been a better time to obtain an energy star rating and green certification than now. With the release of HUD's Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) reduction notice, as well as release of HUD's 2016 Multifamily Accelerated Process (MAP) Guide multifamily property owners now have the potential to save big by reducing their MIP rates. For more information, click here: Multifamily MIP Reduction  
ICAST & ResourceSmart Win NM Governor's 2016 Environmental Excellence Award
April 22, 2016
Albuquerque, NM — What better way to spend this past Earth Day than by being honored by New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez. ICAST and its program ResourceSmart were recognized as the winner of this year's Governor's Environmental Excellence Award for Resource Stewardship. The purpose of the award is to support, recognize, and celebrate the hard work of New Mexicans dedicated to restoring and protecting the natural heritage and environmental health of the state. Winners demonstrated commitment, collaboration, and innovation through projects resulting in measurable environmental benefits. ICAST and ResourceSmart's work on air quality improvement, emission reductions, energy conservation and increased use of renewable energy secured them the award. ICAST NM Governor's Award
ICAST Receives $280,000 Pay for Success Grant
April 18, 2016
Salt Lake City, UT — Today, the Sorenson Impact Center at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business announced the selection of 3 governmental entities and 4 nonprofit service providers to receive technical assistance and grant funding as part of the Corporation for National and Community Service’s Social Innovation Fund (SIF) Pay for Success Program. ICAST is among the awardees to receive a cash grant and technical assistance valued at $285,000. Across the country, governmental entities and nonprofit organizations are learning about and engaging in a new field called Pay for Success (PFS) – an innovative public-private partnership strategy focused on what works in social science research and dedicated to driving government resources to interventions tied to measurable impacts in the community. ICAST will receive funding and technical support to develop PFS projects that advance and evaluate high-impact social interventions, in order to produce measurable and meaningful outcomes for individuals and communities. ICAST Sorenson Impact Center Grant Press Release 
2015 Triple Bottom Line Foundation Annual Report Released 
April 7, 2016
In 2015, the TBL Fund expanded its services territory to Texas. TBL Fund also became an official Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) lender in Texas. Together with ResourceSmart (www.ResourceSmart.org), TBL Fund can now collectively provide multifamily property managers and owners a turn-key service for the design and installation of water conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy generation and property retrofits while also providing access to financing, rebates, grants and other incentives. Last year, TBL Fund issued three loans and facilitated project financing for multifamily affordable housing properties in Colorado and New Mexico, projects worth $642,260 of smart rehab work. TBL Fund also provided Technical Assistance (TA) to clients and projects on potential financing options and strategies available for the smart rehab of their MF affordable housing properties. Finally, the TBL Fund officially joined the Department of Energy’s Better Building Challenge program as a Financial Ally, leading the way to better provide the financing needed to preserve affordable housing. Read more about what the Triple Bottom Line Foundation was up to in 2015, and what it hopes to achieve in 2016. 2015 Triple Bottom Line Foundation Annual Report 
ICAST 2015 Annual Report Released
March 1, 2016
Since ICAST’s inception, ICAST has served more than 7,082 low-income families, seniors, veterans, women, and disabled individuals, in reducing their utility and health care costs. Due to the Smart Rehab program that ICAST implements, it has reduced approximately 7,758,969 lbs. of Carbon emissions, invested $11,660,785 into our communities, that has created/retained about 230 local jobs and other positive economic benefits. In 2015, ICAST expanded its service territory to Texas. Our Triple Bottom Line Foundation (www.TBLFund.org) became an official Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) lender in Texas. In New Mexico, our ResourceSmart program (www.ResourceSmart.org) became a contractor to the state Mortgage Finance Authority for their new multifamily weatherization assistance program, and a Trade Ally to Xcel Energy and PNM (electric utilities) and NM Gas. Read more about ICAST's team, programs, and financials at with ICAST's Full Annual Report.