Preserving and upgrading multifamily housing is what we do best.

A deep retrofit that improves the efficiency of your energy and water systems will make your building more profitable, sustainable, and affordable.

ICAST’s innovative one-stop-shop model helps multifamily properties tackle deep retrofits in a cost-effective manner.


Why retrofit?

Investing in your property’s rehabilitation including water and energy conservation measures does more than just increase your property value.


  • Higher net operating income
  • Higher occupancy rate
  • Less resident turnover
  • Safer, more comfortable housing for residents

One Stop Shop

ICAST experts can assist you with any and all steps of the retrofit process, from consulting to implementation to auditing and green certification.

One Contract

  • Planning & design
  • Low-cost financing
  • Construction


“We’re saving energy, money, and we get to be green in the process. We couldn’t be happier with how this project turned out.”

– Natalie Bowman, Executive Director of the Rifle Housing Authority

Case Study:
Rifle Housing Authority

  • $22,000 annual utility savings (25% reduction)
  • $58,872 in grants and rebates contributed towards $148,710 total project cost
  • 68.5 metric tons of carbon emission reduction
  • 6 direct & 16 indirect jobs created

Project Benefits

RHA’s 27 multifamily buildings (106 units total) were deteriorating and performing inefficiently due to age. ICAST was hired to retrofit the property after performing an energy audit, installing new boilers, insulation, and lighting, among other measures.

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ICAST can perform your General Property Needs Assessment in full compliance with federal and any other requirements. We assess immediate critical repair needs, expected repairs, and replacements as well as other needs to operate and maintain your building for years to come. This assessment provides solutions for how your building can perform more efficiently in the future and ranks items relative to return on investment. 

Sustainable technology reduces waste and saves money.

ICAST projects implement sustainable technology to improve the efficiency of energy and water systems. These devices pay for themselves through utility bills savings.

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