Helping utilities meet requirements with best practice demand-side management (DSM) for multifamily housing

Through efficiency improvements and resident education programs, our DSM program shifts energy consumption and helps save energy & water.

ICAST Advantage

  • Pay-for-Performance Model

    We only get paid for what we deliver.

  • Mission Driven

    Our low administrative fees reflect our mission-based nonprofit ethic.

  • One-Stop-Shop

    We can help incorporate DSM programs with other ICAST services such as multifamily housing retrofits.

We specialize in multifamily housing — representing 25% of the US residential market

Market-rate housing, and HUD, LIHTC, and USDA-RD subsidized multifamily housing hold key energy efficiency benefits as commercial properties serving residential use.

ICAST has a variety of experience managing energy efficiency programs such as working with the State of New Mexico to establish a new statewide energy efficiency program for multifamily properties as part of the Weatherization Assistance Program.

Combine all possible incentives (utility rebates, WAP, financing incentives, tax credits, etc.) to leverage:

1)  Direct install programs focused on installing “low hanging fruit” energy conservation measures (i.e. the low-cost, high impact upgrades such as LED lighting), or

2)  Deep retrofit programs focused on installing efficiency measures that are typically higher cost and produce larger energy savings.