February 2020 Newsletter


ICAST Achieves Major Milestones in 2019

2019 was a tremendous year for ICAST. We served 25,000 low-to-moderate income families through our green retrofit programs, generating 500 direct and in-direct jobs through $25 million of investments in the local communities.  And internally, ICAST crossed the 50-employee threshold and successfully launched new programs in Missouri.

Activist Hedge Fund to Punish Company Directors
That Fail to Disclose Carbon Emissions.

An activist hedge fund, TCI, has outlined plans to punish directors of companies that fail to disclose their carbon dioxide emissions in a move that underlines rising investor concerns over climate change and the pressure on boardrooms to respond. TCI has warned Airbus, Moody’s, Charter Communications and other companies to improve their pollution disclosure or else they will vote against the company directors and called for asset owners to fire fund managers that did not insist on climate transparency. “Asset owners should fire asset managers that do not require such disclosure,” TCI owner, Christopher Hohn said. “Investing in a company that doesn’t disclose its pollution is like investing in a company that doesn’t disclose its balance sheet,”

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Santa Fe Community Solar Moves.

New Mexico House of Representatives recently progressed a bill called the Community Solar Act which would increase the accessibility of renewable energy in the state.  However, Solar power is often not available to people because it’s not affordable, not available, or because they do not own their homes.  Community Solar would make electric customers able to subscribe to larger renewable energy projects and access the benefits without the expense of installation on their own homes.  ICAST has been tasked in assisting the Santa Fe Housing Authority in green upgrades to its properties, including adding solar to several of its homes.

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New Team Members at ICAST

ICAST has added Derrek Padilla as our new Business Development Executive in New Mexico, and Steve Palmatier as Business Development Manager in Arizona. Derrek comes from the HVAC industry and has over 15 years of sales experience. Steve comes with 20 years of sales experience in a variety of industries.  Welcome to the team!

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