Building Opportunites Conference

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Monday Jun 3, 2013 00000063000Wednesday 5 Jun 2013
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM MDT


Colorado Convention Center

700 14th Street

Building Opportunities is the largest event in North America dedicated to creating and managing shared nonprofit workspace, administrative services, technology, and programs.  Join us as we explore how we WORK DIFFERENT to better serve our communities. 

Together with government, philanthropic, and industry partners, we are breaking down traditional boundaries. “One-stop” centers are providing comprehensive services while streamlining service delivery for children and families. Arts centers are stimulating creativity and supporting neighborhood economic vitality. Shared spaces are applying green building principles in service of social justice. We are saving organizations time and money by helping them work in new ways. And, by working differently, we are harnessing the power of collaboration to create collective impact.

This biennial conference offers hundreds of philanthropists, nonprofit leaders, government officials, and real estate professionals over 30 practical workshops, networking sessions, and resources for developing and operating innovative multi-organization projects. Comprehensive information will be provided on real estate, legal issues, financing, green design, and new trends in shared space and services. The conference also focuses on the nuts and bolts of building programmatic and back office services collaborative. Speakers represent some of the most innovative public/private partnerships in neighborhood development across the country.


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