Regis University Executive Speaker Series Breakfast

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Wednesday Apr 10, 2013
7:00 AM - 12:30 PM MDT


Mountain View Room at Regis University

3333 Regis Boulevard Denver

Executive Speaker Breakfast

The Missing Piece in Leadership with Doug Krug

A huge part of success as a leader is gauged by how well one orchestrates a set of people to produce the desired outcome. This session will dissolve the mystery of why that has appeared to be so hard to accomplish.

The Missing Piece in Leadership: How to Create the Future You Want, the book upon which this half-day is based, is written for leaders who are doing their best at what they’ve been taught and still not getting the desired results.

This transformational workshop generates a total re-set in thinking about leadership and how to effectively go about producing results through people. This half-day is an un-learning of the conditioning that has produced much of the stress and effort usually associated with any improvement effort.

The workshop will clearly demonstrate the primary reason that what needs to happen to create more effective leaders cannot be trained. It must be brought out, or developed, from within each individual. The obstacles keeping the old habits or patterns in place have to be removed or supplanted. Training will not accomplish this outcome.

Doug will reveal a fundamental shift in thinking essential for any organization to create more of what they want. Leaders will remember how to achieve the mental edge that leads to consistent and sustainable high performance. In essence, how to turn survival to “thrival” in our rapidly changing, dynamic environment.

To summarize, this “back-to-the-basics” workshop guides leaders in discovering for themselves what is most effective in producing results through their people. Among the
immediate results you can expect to experience from this transformational workshop are:

  • A paradigm shift from “manager” to inspiring leader.
  • A dramatic improvement in your “people skills” and the ability to help people consistently perform at their best.
  • Perform your own particular leadership function at a level of effectiveness consistently matching your best.
  • Return to your work place equipped with a proven set of tools and techniques that are necessary to generate and sustain high levels of collaboration, inclusion and innovation.

Bottom-line, an organization’s current results are created by what people are doing

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