Service Learning

internship at icast Looking to make a difference in the lives of communities and people across the world while gaining valuable experience in the ‘Green’ arena? If so, apply for a rewarding internship program that you can earn credit for your school with iCAST.

iCAST was founded with a strong focus on service learning, and that focus carries on today with more than 200 students and faculty volunteering their time to serve their communities. By joining an internship at iCAST, you become a part of our network of Fellows, men and women who have all dedicated time and energy to learning about the needs of others and addressing those needs in sustainable ways. Professionally, you will have the opportunity to further your knowledge, understanding, and experience in the fields of green energy and sustainable technical assistance.
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iCAST has worked with interns from over a dozen colleges in Colorado and helped students develop the real-world skills that are needed in careers in sustainability fields. Check our Project List and How to apply to join iCAST’s Fellowship!
iCAST currently has non-paid Service Learning positions in the following areas:

Effect of Internships on Salary:
In terms of starting salary offers, there is a definite financial advantage for students who have internship experience, according to results of NACE’s 2010 Student Survey. Overall, students in the Class of 2010 who had internships received an average salary offer of $41,580. Meanwhile, their classmates who didn’t take internships received an average starting salary offer of $34,601.
By major, the biggest discrepancy came among computer science majors; those with internship experience received an average starting salary offer of $58,920 while those without internships received an offer of $45,000.
Major Average Offer to Students Without Internships Average Offer to Students With Internships
Social science $26,251 $32,487
Engineering $51,862 $60,341
Computer science $45,000 $58,920
Business $35,000 $41,654
Accounting $43,217 $46,723
Overall $34,601 $41,580
NACE’s 2010 Student Survey was conducted February 9, 2010, through April 30, 2010. More than 31,470 students representing more than 400 colleges and universities nationwide took part; more than 13,000 of those were graduating seniors.