Cibola Apartments – Case Study

ICAST Success Stories: Weatherization Assistance Program Project Cibola Apartments

Cibola Apartments

$105,000 Funding from Weather Assistance Program

Socorro, NM

20 units of Low-Income Apartments

20% of Residents are classified with ‘special needs'

Cibola had a 25% vacancy rate because of leaking roofs

Invested in Local Communities - $177,277

Incentives from Utilities - $54,000

Annual Water Savings - 213,000 Gallons

CO2 emissions offset - 19.3 tons

Insulated pipes and weather-stripped all doors; Replaced exterior lighting, front door fixtures, security lighting and CFL’s in units; Installed water saving aerators and low flow showerheads and toilets; Replaced furnaces with high efficiency models, and installed new evaporative coolers, and programmable thermostats; Replaced existing windows with double pane vinyl windows; Installed smoke and CO detectors and exhaust fans; Replaced roof, stairs, interior and exterior painting, kitchen cabinets, and drywalling.

$4,496 Annual Utility Cost Savings

ICAST is a nonprofit social enterprise providing social, economic and environmental benefits to local communities including achieving affordability of housing, impacting climate change and creating local jobs through green upgrades of multifamily apartments.
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