Encino Villa Apartments – Case Study

ICAST Success Stories: Energy Efficiency Retrofit Encino Villa Apartments

Encino Villa Apartments

Image2 Year Simple Payback Resulting From Upgrades

Santa Fe, NM

Invested in Local Communities - $268,181

Cost per Unit - $3,504

Reduction in energy costs - 28%

Annual utility savings - $319,747

CO2 emissions offset - 116.72 tons

Encino Villa is a 48-unit HUD senior housing

complex95% energy efficient furnaces,

programmable thermostats, air seal, duct seal,

shower heads, & aerators

ICAST Success Stories: Customer Testimonial Encino Villa Apartments

Encino Villa Apartments

“I have lived at Encino Villa for 6 years now…this is my home. I love my new toilet, the height is great, easier to use, it flushes better, and I love that it conserves water. The new lighting in the kitchen is great. It’s brighter in there and there are no more humming sounds.  
My new refrigerator has more space than the old one, and makes less noise! The temperature controls work… my old one used to freeze all my food” 
I used to work on my old Chevy truck with a friend, so I am used to asking a lot of questions about how things work. The workers that came were all very nice. They talked to me and answered all of my questions.”
Sherrie Land - Resident

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