Sante Fe County Housing Association – Case Study

ICAST Success Stories: Energy Conservation Retrofit Valle VIsta, Santa Cruz, and Jacobo
$172,031 Estimated Annual Savings
266 naturally occurring affordable units for Sante Fe County Housing Authority

Total Project Cost: ~$1,179,214

Annual kWh Savings: ~276,758

Annual Water Savings: ~1,670

Annual Therm Savings: ~75,574

Annual Reduction in Energy Costs: ~10%


Annual Solar ECM kWh Savings 156,255

Savings generated from new high-efficiency furnaces, low-flow aerators, shower heads, and toilets as well as solar PV systems and LED lighting.

ICAST is a nonprofit social enterprise providing social, economic and environmental benefits to local communities including achieving affordability of housing, impacting climate change and creating local jobs through green upgrades of multifamily apartments.
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