ICAST Receives Innovation – Inspiring Efficiency Award from Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance



2022 Innovation Award from Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
In implementing Ameren’s multifamily income-eligible Demand-Side Management program, ICAST delivered whole-building, deep energy retrofits to income-eligible multifamily properties. During these retrofits, residents could remain in-unit or temporarily relocate until the work was complete. Income-eligible tenants’ resources are limited, often precluding them from spending the money required to relocate. During COVID-19, ICAST recognized the need to adjust the program to minimize exposure to the virus without simply halting work. To that end, ICAST designed and implemented a relocation incentive program for IE tenants. This program provided equitable access to clean energy solutions while prioritizing tenants’ health and safety. ICAST educated tenants on the benefits of energy efficiency retrofits and provided financial support to allow them to temporarily relocate to eligible properties.