Carbon Credits Program

Working under a grant from the Edwards Mother Earth Foundation, ICAST recently listed our first “carbon credits” on the CSA GHG CleanProjects registry. These carbon credits are associated with emissions reductions stemming from energy efficiency retrofits and PV solar projects conducted at multifamily properties. For this first listing, we aggregated the energy savings from a number of projects over a certain amount of time and calculated the corresponding emissions reductions. ICAST believes it is the first organization to register carbon credits from aggregated projects specifically associated residential energy efficiency retrofits!

ICAST researched a number of potential registries and methodologies for calculating GHG reductions. However, many of the registries had no methodologies associated with energy efficiency measures or PV solar. ICAST contracted with GHD to assist in selecting the best methodologies and registry for our projects and help prepare and guide us through the rigorous verification and registration process.

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Project Details (

ICAST plans on aggregating additional projects from our portfolio of past and current projects and registering those environmental offsets in the future.