August 2020 Newsletter


ICAST Performs Income-Qualified Solar Install in Santa Fe County

An ICAST solar installation project is making headway, even amid the pandemic. The project is a collaboration between ICAST, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Santa Fe County Housing Authority (SFCHA) and TBL Fund through their EPC program. The solar install spans three properties, covering nearly 200 individual units. All three properties are income-qualified, with tenants ranging from low-income families to the elderly, disabled individuals, and veterans.

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The Many Ways Sustainability Can Improve Your Multifamily Community's Bottom Line Results

As the world begins to emerge from mandated lockdowns, many of us have developed a different perspective concerning humankind’s impact on the environment. Even though Harvard University has asserted that there isn’t direct evidence to link climate change to the spread of COVID-19, the Ivy League college did suggest that climate change affects human health in general.

Whether it’s deforestation, the emission of greenhouse gases, or the illegal wildlife trade, many human practices have escalated the climate crisis, and in turn, increased the risk of future pandemics.

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ICAST Welcomes New Employees

In the past three months, ICAST has hired four new employees: Dan Golden, Grants Manager; David Hunter, Applications Manager; Brandon Koyanagi, Energy Engineer; and Joseph Mow, Accounting Manager. We are thrilled to be able to continue growing our staff, and welcome our new employees to the ICAST family. We cannot wait to see the positive impact they have on work in the communities we serve.


Say Hello to the Biggest Battery in America (for Now)

Things are moving fast in the grid battery industry — and nowhere faster than California. That’s where LS Power, a private equity firm and grid infrastructure developer, hooked up the new most powerful battery in the country last month.

The Gateway Energy Storage Project turned on an initial tranche of 62.5 megawatts/62.5 megawatt-hours near San Diego on June 9, according to the California Independent System Operator.

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