November 2019 Newsletter


ICAST Finishes its Latest Weatherization Project in New Mexico

ICAST completed its first weatherization project in New Mexico since being selected by the NM Mortgage Finance Authority (MFA) for its Energy$mart Program as the multifamily service provider of the state’s Weatherization Assistance Program.  ICAST completed the weathization for a property owned by the Albuquerque Housing Authority. Built in 1977, the 60-unit Wainwright Manor received health and safety and energy efficiency improvements that will provide electricity savings of 21% and gas savings of 9%.

Denver Passes its Most Aggressive Housing Affordability Plan Yet.   Change.

The City of Denver passed a new ambitious plan to expand access to affordable housing. The Plan will increase funding for affordable housing with local funding sources such as an increase in the marijuana sales tax along with nearly $7 million in Grant Fund contributions. The city will also create or preserve 1200 housing units over the next 10 years for Denver’s most vulnerable residents by strengthening its partnership with the Denver Housing Authority (DHA). The partnership will help preserve an additional 1294 units in existing DHA properties over the next five years.

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Phillips Uses Light-as-Service Model to Design-Out
Industrial Overcapacity

The idea of a ‘performance economy,’ developed by Walter Stahel in the 1970s, relies on selling services rather than products. When architect Thomas Rau came to outfit the Amsterdam office of RAU Architects, he sought to create a minimalist light plan using the “light-as-service” model. The plan made as much use as possible of the building’s natural sunlight along with LED lighting for the ceiling systems combined with a sensor and controller system to energy use to an absolute minimum. The end result was a tailored, intelligent lighting system that fit the requirements of the space, at a manageable price for the customer. Further, by moving from a one-time sale to a ‘Pay-per-lux’ model, in which Philips maintains ownership of the materials, Rau Architects benefit from maintenance and service, as well as retain the option to adapt or upgrade the setup, leaving the manufacturer able to recover the materials when and as necessary.

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New Employees at ICAST.

Bradley Frederick joined the ICAST team at the the beginning of the month as Construction Site Supervisor in Salt Lake City, UT. Brad has been in the construction industry for over six years.

Stephanie Moser joins the ICAST team as a Customer Service Representative in Salt Lake City, UT.  Stephanie has been in Customer Care for more than three years before she joined the ICAST team.

Amy Smith joins the ICAST team as a Construction Coordinator in Salt Lake City, UT.  Amy has worked in several different roles in the construction industry before joining ICAST.

Toni Renee Vierra joined the ICAST team as a Client Solutions Specialist in Albuquerque, NM after spending the last three years working as a Senior Energy Consultant.  She is both a LEED-AP BC&D and a BuildItGreen Certified Green Building professional.

Zachary Amendt has been working as a Grant Writer for over four years and joins the ICAST team as a Proposal Writer.

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