October 2018 Newsletter

Icast insights


ICAST Headquarters to Move to New Energy Efficient Building

ICAST will be moving to a newly renovated building in Lakewood, CO in early November, 2018. The building, built in 1964, is located at 7400 W 14th Ave. and is across from the “W” line Wadsworth RTD light rail station. The building is owned by TBL Fund, an ICAST affiliate.  The new headquarters are being renovated currently to improve energy efficiency and to reduce operating costs. Leasable space is available to non-profit tenants.  Contact Marcia Cohen for more information. 


ICAST’s Energy Efficiency Renovations Continue Across the West

In Albuquerque, NM, ICAST will perform lighting upgrades in 122 units across two Uptown Square Apartment Buildings. In West Jordan, Utah, ICAST will be replacing all interior and exterior lighting as well as installing Nest Thermostats and aerators in 288 units at the Woodgate Apartments. Finally, ICAST will be upgrading all the exterior lighting at the Sandpiper Apartments in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Employees on the Move

September welcomes new employees to ICAST and new positions for some of our existing staff. Noreen Beatley has joined ICAST as Senior Program Advisor. She is based in Washington D.C. and has extensive expertise in affordable housing, green building and sustainable community development policies and programs. Suzi Broomfield is moving from the Operations Department to the Engineering Department as a Data Analyst. Ian Basinger has been promoted to Engineering Manager. Drew McDowell is moving to an Account Manager position at ICAST.  And Brett Jackson has rejoined ICAST as Sr. Engineering Advisor.



How Might Electrification Effect Electric and Gas Systems? Recent Studies Shed Both Light and Heat

Electrification is gaining a lot of attention as efforts mount to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and address climate change. There is an important role for energy efficiency in these efforts. In fact, beneficial electrification – that which reduces total energy, costs, and emissions – is a viable form of energy efficiency. It can complement traditional efficiency approaches, and together, they can help meet energy, GHG, and economic goals.


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Large Scale Green Retrofits Continue for ICAST Teams

The West Coast Electric Highway - one of the longest electrified corridors in the World - is demonstrating that electric vehicles are here for the long haul. The West Coast States of California, Oregon, Washington and the Canadian province of British Columbia laid out a shared vision to promote the use of biofuels, hybrids, electric or zero-emission vehicles, and hydrogen fueled vehicles.

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We're Closer than Ever Before to Producing Clean Water from Thin Air

Scientists from the University of California, Berkeley have developed a device that can harvest fresh water out of the air, even in a dry desert. The device uses a substance called a metal-organic framework, which acts like a sponge to suck moisture out of the air. While the device is only a small prototype, the scientists behind the project said it could be "scaled up quickly."

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Future Events ICAST will be Attending

ICAST President - Ravi Malhotra, and Business Development Executive – Drew McDowell will attend this event

Housing Colorado NOW! Annual Conference – October 3rd & 5th – Vail, CO


Past Events ICAST Attended

ICAST was a sponsor of this event, and President, Ravi Malhotra presented.

New Mexico Housing Summit – September 12th - 14th – Albuquerque, NM


ICAST President, Ravi Malhotra, attended this event

National Council of Housing Market Analysts Annual Meeting– September 24th & 25th – Denver, CO


ICAST was a sponsor of this event and President, Ravi Malhotra, attended.

E Source Forum – September 25th – 28th – Denver, CO