September 2021 Newsletter


The U.S. Department of Energy Funds Innovative HVAC Training

ICAST is pleased to announce that it has received $700,000 in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy—Building Technologies Office to pilot innovative training in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) technologies, particularly cold-climate air-sourced heat pumps (ccASHPs). In partnership with Santa Fe Community College, ICAST will develop a ground-breaking curriculum and train the entire spectrum of the HVAC workforce on ccASHPs, from entry-level workers to fully trained technicians.

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All-Electric, Equitable Car Sharing Arrives in Roxbury, Massachusetts

Good2Go is a new nonprofit cars-haring business recently launched in Roxbury, MA, with the goal of offering a lower-cost, all-electric carsharing service for lower-income households. Good2Go offers a tiered pricing structure in which qualified low-income members pay only half of the service’s normal rate, which is $10 per hour.

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US congress Building

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Congressional Infrastructure and Budget Bills Update

On Tuesday, August 24, Congressional House Democrats resolved quarrels between centrist Democrats and the party to pass the $3.5 trillion partisan investment package – narrowly passing with a 220 to 212 vote. To appease the centrist Democrats during negotiations on the partisan bill, Speaker Nancy Pelosi committed to a September 27 deadline to vote on the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package, which includes $550 billion of new spending. Leadership is hoping to have the investment package, which committees have a September 15 deadline to assemble, ready for the floor around the same time as the infrastructure bill – with the goal of passing both by the end of that month.

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Stora Enso Uses Lignin Byproduct to Replace Graphitic Carbon in Li-Ion Batteries

Lignode® by Stora Enso is a hard carbon that is a bio-based alternative made from lignin – an existing by-product in the production of cellulose fiber. Lignin is renewable, traceable and is already being produced in millions of tons in Europe. In Stora Enso’s process, lignin is separated from wood during the production of cellulose fibers.

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