Contractors Request for Quotation
for Weatherization Assistant Program

RFQ’s for Weatherization Assistant Program

ICAST Weatherization Assistance Program is accepting bids for the following weatherization materials and installation.

Electrical Subcontractors

Please Read and fill out all forms as accurately as possible.  When Complete, email them back to Eileen Sanchez.  If you have questions, please call 505-235-2635

To see which weatherization materials and installation services ICAST is accepting bids on, please download the following PDF:

Invitation to Bid materials and installs

And you can use these forms to help you return your quotes to ICAST send your quote information back to ICAST cleanly:

2.2 - Material and Install Bid Request Form

2.3 - Material Only Bid Request Form

The following forms should be read and filled out by everyone looking to submit a quote to us.

General Instructions for Request for Quotation

Contractors Application Information Form


The following two forms should be read and filled out by only parties specifically looking to make quotes on Electrical subcontracting elements of the project.

Health and Safety Measures Scope of Work

Lighting and Refrigerators Scope of Work