Helping utilities meet requirements with best practice demand-side management (DSM) for multifamily housing

Through efficiency improvements and resident education programs, our DSM program shifts energy consumption and helps save energy & water.
ICAST Advantage
ICAST partnered with New Mexico Gas on their Demand Side Management (DSM) program and significantly exceeded the 2017 expectations for the new statewide Weatherization Assistance Program for multifamily properties.
Market-rate housing, and HUD, LIHTC, and USDA-RD subsidized multifamily housing hold key energy efficiency benefits as commercial properties serving residential use.

  • Pay-for-Performance Model

    We only get paid for what we deliver.

  • Mission Driven

    Our low administrative fees reflect our mission-based nonprofit ethic.

  • One-Stop-Shop

    We can help incorporate DSM programs with other ICAST services such as multifamily housing retrofits.

We specialize in multifamily housing — representing 25% of the US residential market

Combine all possible incentives (utility rebates, WAP, financing incentives, tax credits, etc.) to leverage:
1)  Direct install programs focused on installing “low hanging fruit” energy conservation measures (i.e. the low-cost, high impact upgrades such as LED lighting), or
2)  Deep retrofit programs focused on installing efficiency measures that are typically higher cost and produce larger energy savings.