Arizona Public Service
Multifamily DSM Program

ICAST is a 501(c)(3) Contractor Focused on the Low-Income Multifamily Program at Arizona Public Service (APS).

ICAST offers energy efficiency upgrades to multifamily properties using our nationally recognized "one-stop-shop" approach. We can help complete green upgrades to your property by providing:

  • Technical assistance: An ICAST consultant will work with you, at no cost to you, to identify cost-effective green upgrades for your MF property.
  • Access cash incentives: ICAST will access utility rebates to reduce the project cost for installing green upgrades such as LED lighting, solar, water heating, HVAC, Energy Star appliances, etc.
  • Turn-key service: ICAST can help you access low-cost financing, manage the contractors doing the green upgrades, provide your staff with training on the upgrades installed, and other services as needed.

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    How it Works:

    Our Multifamily Program is designed to save you money and add value to your property. ICAST will make it easy for you to enroll and complete your green upgrades.

    1. Get a free site-assessment: We will identify the most cost-effective improvements with a free energy audit at your property.
    2. Get a detailed analysis: Select the upgrades you want to make based on costs, payback and the incentives available for those upgrades.
    3. Make improvements: We can help you install the energy saving measures and reduce the cost of the project by the available incentives. Low-cost financing is also available, if needed.

    Why Upgrade?

    • Making your property more energy-efficient can result in ongoing energy cost savings.
    • Today‚Äôs efficient systems reduce operating costs and require less maintenance.
    • A more comfortable, green building can differentiate your property from less efficient properties and help you attract new tenants.
    • Low-Cost financing and incentives make upgrades very affordable.

    Summary of Program Offering:

    The APS incentives can be as much as $6,000 per apartment but do require a minimal amount of cost share and commitment from you, including:

    • Agreement to install controls on your HVAC and electric hot water systems that APS controls.
    • Commitment to providing WiFi connection to APS to control the HVAC and hot water to manage electric demand and help reduce time of use (TOU) charges for tenants.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    • Property is served by APS
    • Over 2/3rd of tenant households having documented income at or below 200% of federal poverty level
    • Building contains a minimum of five units