New Construction HVAC Sub-Contracting


ICAST is a national nonprofit/social enterprise specializing in the rehabilitation of multifamily properties. We offer general contracting services from major rehabs to minor renovation projects. In addition to providing you with quality service and knowledge, we can also help you vastly increase energy savings and usually come in under budget by accessing utility incentives and unique funding sources for your project. Additionally, we have nationwide buying power with several vendors and can offer aggressive pricing on products like HVAC systems rivaling all of our competitors.

HVAC Subcontracting for
New Construction


  • We have in-house engineering talent to determine the optimal HVAC product for your property
  • We install high-efficiency HVAC equipment that lowers your operating costs and increases your property value and does so at comparable costs to standard HVAC equipment becauseā€¦
    • We leverage our national buying power with manufacturers to ensure the lowest possible equipment costs
    • We use our extensive network of competitively priced installers
    • We work with your local utilities to secure maximum rebates

Westlake is a 5 building complex of duplexes owned by the housing authority of Salt Lake County in Utah. The buildings are currently receiving a stud out completely renovation including exterior windows, Removal an d replacement of all driveways and sidewalks, All plumbing and electrical, New 95% efficient HVAC systems in each unit, in addition to other measures.

Project Details

  • $65,000 final cost per door
  • $64,395 in grants and rebates reduced from the total project costs

Success Story: Westlake