Solar Siting

Partner with ICAST to host a community solar site, and you can make predictable, reliable passive income while reducing climate change and preserving your land for future generations to use and enjoy.  

Three people installing solar.

How it Works 

Solar Panels are Installed: You will sell or lease your land to us, where solar panels will live nearly silently for the life of the panels, typically 20 to 25 years.  

Get in touch with ICAST: We will evaluate your land, determining how much solar your land will support and how we can connect to the grid.

Land is Returned: Once the lease has expired, we remove all the solar panels and other hardware, and return the land to you in nearly the same shape as it was before solar, and sometimes even in better shape.


Low Maintenance: Community solar sites only need occasional mowing, which is often done by the management company.

Passive Income: Guaranteed passive, reliable, predictable income for 20-25 years.

Increase Biodiversity: Let native plants grow and thrive on your land, supporting local ecosystems. Or plant specifically to make a pollinator habitat and have a beehive!

Three people installing solar.

Soil Recovery: Let your land lie fallow and recover valuable nutrients while supporting solar generation.

Low-Cost, Green Energy: Provide clean, green energy at an affordable price for you and your neighbors.

Interested in learning more? See our Community Solar page for more information!