2024 Budget with calculator

May 2023 Policy Blog

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Kristen Cheriegate  |  ICAST Policy Analyst ******************* U.S. Government Draft Budget Proposals Released for Fiscal Year 2024 In the President’s Budget Message, President Biden states his budget goals to continue lowering costs like affordable housing, home energy bills, and more. Budget Highlights include: Department of Energy (DOE): $11.9B in climate and clean energy research development, demonstration, and deployment to achieve …

ICAST Experts Weigh In: The Need to Grow the Clean Energy Workforce

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Audrey Knox | Training Program Coordinator A recent study by the International Energy Agency (IEA) has determined that heat pumps are “the central technology in the global transition to secure and sustainable heating” and estimate that heat pumps could provide one-fifth of the world’s heating needs by 2030. In the US, as more ambitious carbon-reduction goals take effect in states …