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Electrification Upgrades

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A New Generation of Heat Pump Systems Increases Efficiency By Ravi Malhotra Tax Credit Advisor, July 2023 More and more states have regulations and mandates requiring multifamily affordable housing properties to decarbonize (i.e., replace the use of natural gas, oil, or propane with electricity). This can be accomplished by upgrading systems for space and water heating. Electric heat pumps are …

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Green Tech Insights – Why ICAST is Electrified by Heat Pump HVAC

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Heat pumps for space conditioning and water heating are an increasingly important part of ICAST’s efforts to deliver economic, environmental, and social benefits in the multifamily housing market. Heat pump HVAC systems provide heating and cooling, transferring heat from one area to another rather than generating heat. They can be several times more efficient than conventional space heating and cooling …

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Green Retrofits Signal the Future in Cities’ Push Towards Decarbonization

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Green Retrofits Signal the Future in Cities’ Push Towards Decarbonization By Abram Mamet / NH&RA April 2023 Green Retrofitting in Practice  Well-considered and meaningfully executed retrofits have become increasingly important as communities across the country seek out effective climate resilience strategies. States like Massachusetts, New York, Illinois and Pennsylvania are at the forefront of that movement, having each enacted legislation or …

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Pursuing Green Projects: How Multifamily Affordable Housing Can Benefit from the IRA and BIL

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Pursuing Green Projects: How Multifamily Affordable Housing Can Benefit from the IRA and BIL  by Ravi Malhotra National Housing & Rehabilitation Association, February 2023 The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) dramatically expand opportunities for multifamily affordable housing to pursue green projects via cash rebates, tax credits and other incentives. The IRA is by far the largest investment in …

ICAST Experts Weigh In: What Virtual Power Plants Can Mean for Multifamily

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Nick Grahf | Demand-Side Management Program Manager Mr. Grahf furthers ICAST’s mission to drive economic, environmental, and social change by designing and implementing demand-side management programs. ICAST supported a large-scale virtual power plant (VPP) development at the Soleil Lofts property through its implemented Rocky Mountain Power Wattsmart Multifamily Program. These net-zero apartments utilize clean energy and are equipped with 5.3 …

Very High Efficiency Heat Pumps at an ICAST worksite

Update on ICAST’s Program to Deploy Heat Pumps in Multifamily Housing

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ICAST is nearing the end of its program to catalyze the mass adoption of very high-efficiency (VHE) heat pump HVAC systems and water heaters in multifamily (MF) housing, especially MF affordable housing (MFAH). It installs thousands of VHE heat pumps in MF and MFAH each year. However, with funding from the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Building Technologies Office, it has …

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ICAST Experts Weigh In: Don’t-Miss Decarbonization Updates from 2022 

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ICAST Experts Weigh In: Don’t-Miss Decarbonization Updates from 2022   Ryan Kristoff | Director of Business Development  Mr. Kristoff grows the organization by securing the funding and partnerships necessary to build new programs, expand to new geographies, and add services to its one-stop shop. Before we turn all our attention to 2023 and the feeding frenzy created by the Inflation Reduction …

How Utility Programs Can Drive Electrification and Energy Efficiency in Multifamily Affordable Housing

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by Ravi Malhotra, Founder & President, ICAST Originally published in NH&RA’s Tax Credit Advisor Magazine, December 2022 While the federal, state and local governments are picking up the pace in their decarbonization efforts, very few of those programs, and even fewer utility rebate programs, specifically target multifamily housing. Unless the multifamily sector acts, it runs the risk of missing out …

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Decarbonization and Electrification

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Decarbonization and Electrification By Pamela Martineau / Issue: June 2022 NATIONAL HOUSING & REHABILITATION ASSOCIATION Efforts in Affordable Housing Still in Early Stages Affordable housing communities across the nation have much to gain from decarbonization and electrification, yet unfamiliarity with new technologies, the high cost of retrofitting buildings, and complicated access to funding sources and incentives have slowed the conversion. These issues are among …

ICAST founder and president Ravi Malhotra discusses decarbonization at multifamily affordable projects in New York and Utah

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Case Study: Getting Ahead of the Decarbonization Curve  By Mark Fogarty / Issue: June 2022 Projects in New York and Salt Lake City Save Tons on Carbon Annually Decarbonization, changing from fossil fuels to electric, is a word affordable multifamily asset managers are going to need to learn in a hurry, if they don’t know it already. And that’s true even if the electricity …