ICAST Experts Weigh In: What Virtual Power Plants Can Mean for Multifamily

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Nick Grahf | Demand-Side Management Program Manager Mr. Grahf furthers ICAST’s mission to drive economic, environmental, and social change by designing and implementing demand-side management programs. ICAST supported a large-scale virtual power plant (VPP) development at the Soleil Lofts property through its implemented Rocky Mountain Power Wattsmart Multifamily Program. These net-zero apartments utilize clean energy and are equipped with 5.3 …

road leading from 2022 to 2023

ICAST Experts Weigh In: Don’t-Miss Decarbonization Updates from 2022 

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ICAST Experts Weigh In: Don’t-Miss Decarbonization Updates from 2022   Ryan Kristoff | Director of Business Development  Mr. Kristoff grows the organization by securing the funding and partnerships necessary to build new programs, expand to new geographies, and add services to its one-stop shop. Before we turn all our attention to 2023 and the feeding frenzy created by the Inflation Reduction …