Environmental Education Resources

Seeking info on climate change, climate justice, energy efficiency, water conservation, and air quality? You’ve come to the right place!

Energy efficient environment on a leaf.

​Learn more about these Environmental Education Resources.

These Education Resources have been developed by ICAST through an Environmental Education grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to:  

Equip learners with knowledge of environmental health and climate change issues that we face today.

Inspire learners to explore jobs in sustainability.

Support learners with opportunities for employment in the green construction industry.

    These Education Resources are designed to: 

    Define climate change and climate justice. 

    Introduce concepts and practices of energy efficiency, water conservation, and healthy air quality. 

    Provide education and training in basic building science and energy efficiency principles.  

    Facilitate opportunities for on-the-job training and potential placement in construction jobs that work to mitigate climate change and its impacts. 

    Interested in becoming an environmental education partner and/or learning more about green job training resources?

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