Requests for Bids

ICAST Procurement Department handles bid openings and facilitates the contract paperwork flow for the construction community submitting bids for ICAST work.

  • Submission of Bid Proposal:
    • Interested parties should submit bid proposals via email to the specified contacts mentioned in the Request for Proposal form.

  • Required Bid Proposal Forms:
    • Bids must be prepared and submitted using the bid proposal forms provided by ICAST.

  • Bid Evaluation Criteria:
    • ICAST will review all bid proposals received by the deadline.
    • Bids must include all requested work items, conform to Project Standards/Specifications, and be responsive, accurate, and cost-reasonable.

  • Selection Process:
    • ICAST will select the contractor based on the submitted proposals.
    • The contract will be executed between ICAST and the winning contractor.

  • Clarifications and Inquiries:
    • Bidders are encouraged to seek clarification from ICAST regarding any concerns or questions about the items in the Request for Proposal before submitting their bids. Send your requests for clarification or questions to

  • Tax-Exempt Status:
    • ICAST is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization.
    • A tax-exempt certificate will be provided to the winning contractor.

  • Bid Award and Pre-Construction Conference:
    • Upon selecting the winning contractor, ICAST will send a Bid Award Notice.
    • The notice will include details about the pre-construction conference, which is mandatory before any work can commence.

RFP: Open Request for Proposals

ICAST looks forward to receiving and reviewing your bid proposals.