Residential Energy Preparation Services (REPS)

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) has launched a new program to remove health and safety barriers (asbestos, mold, knob-and-tube, etc.) to enable weatherization work for income-eligible households.

Funding for this Weatherization Barrier Remediation Program may cover the costs for some or all of your health and safety improvements.

Income eligible households who have already been deferred by Connecticut’s state-managed Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) or utility-managed Home Energy Solutions – Income Eligible (HES-IE) weatherization programs will have barriers addressed before receiving energy efficiency improvements.
The International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology (ICAST) and the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) provide these services and updates with funding from State Energy Program (SEP) funds, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) funds, and the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).
Improve residents' health by removing issues such as mold, asbestos, vermiculite, etc.
Reduce utility bills from the energy efficiency upgrades installed after barrier remediation
Protect vulnerable individuals; people with asthma, children, the elderly, immunocompromised, etc.
Prevent disease and injury and increase the quality of life

How It Works:

  1. REPS works through CT’s existing weatherization programs, WAP & HES-IE. Therefore, if you haven’t already, apply for either of these programs to be eligible.
  2. To ensure access to the greatest benefits, customers must have a current Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (“CEAP”) award or are required to apply for this program year here.
  3. If you meet our qualifications, you will then work with our Community Outreach Coordinator to schedule a weatherization barrier assessment (the purpose of this assessment is to verify the presence of a barrier to energy efficiency upgrades and prepare the scope of work needed to address the issue(s)).
  4. If you qualify and the presence of a barrier is verified, ICAST will reach out to have you review and sign an agreement for remediation and requirement to follow through with all free recommended weatherization measures.
  5. After the remediation is complete, you will be referred back to the original program you were working with for additional weatherization services, either WAP or HES-IE.

REPS Timeline

The REPS team has developed a timeline showing each step in the REPS process and the maximum amount of time each step takes.  Please see the timeline here.

For more details or to inquire about your eligibility, email our Community Outreach Coordinator at or call (844) 843-4585

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