Very High-Efficiency Heat Pumps for Multifamily Resource Guide

ICAST is a national leader in deploying very high-efficiency (VHE) heat pumps in the multifamily housing market.

ICAST created a Resource Guide to help multifamily owners and managers, policymakers, utilities, energy efficiency program implementers, and others, advance the deployment VHE heat pump HVAC and water heaters in multifamily housing.  VHE heat pumps can help reduce utility bills, cut carbon emissions, and preserve and improve affordable housing. Mass deployment of VHE solutions can also benefit the power grid, create local jobs, and stimulate local economic development. Though the focus of this guide is multifamily properties, it can be applicable across the spectrum of buildings, from single-family homes to commercial buildings.

Access the Guide

The Resource Guide includes:

  • Fact sheets on the VHE technologies
  • White papers on industry best practices for deploying VHE solutions in the multifamily sector and policy guidelines to promote VHE deployment
  • Research on market, policy, and regulatory barriers to VHE deployment in multifamily housing and recommendations for overcoming those barriers
  • Case studies that showcase VHE system deployments
  • Information on ICAST’s work to train individuals in the design and installation of VHE technologies

This Resource Guide has been made possible through support from the U.S. Department of Energy and their Building Technology Office, and other supporters. ICAST is grateful to all its supporters for their commitment to increasing access to green solutions for underserved and low- and moderate-income communities.