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Multifamily DSM Program


New Mexico Gas Company (NMGC) has hired ICAST to manage its multifamily (MF) incentive program. The MF program offers rebates for all eligible residential (in-unit) and commercial (common area or master metered) upgrades that create gas energy savings in all types of MF properties (market rate and low-income), including energy efficiency products certified by organizations such as ENERGY STAR. ICAST offers an innovative one-stop-shop program that serves NMGC MF customers through a turn-key service offering that covers all aspects of an energy efficiency retrofit.

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New Mexico Gas Company Multi-Family Program

All MF properties with five or more units can get incentives for saving gas through energy-efficiency upgrades, including:
□  Insulation
□  Windows
□  Furnaces and Boilers
□  Showers/Aerators
□  Weatherization
□  Water Heating
□  Smart Thermostats
□  Other custom measures that save gas consumption
Experts from ICAST can help you identify these energy-saving opportunities at your MF property. You then choose what upgrades to install.


As a program participant, you get the benefit of our experts performing an energy assessment of your MF property to identify potential energy-efficiency improvements, at no cost to you, because NMGC pays for it!
After the energy assessment, you'll get a project proposal that includes cost and savings estimates to help you make informed decisions. The choice is yours. You can:
  1. Choose to move forward with the entire project and install all qualifying upgrades.
  2. Select a portion of qualifying upgrades from the project proposal.
  3. Elect to do nothing.
We provide incentives for the upgrades you make.


All MF properties served by NMGC in New Mexico are eligible to participate. Both existing and new construction properties are eligible. Tenant paid meters as well as common area meters or master metered Gas accounts are all eligible to receive incentives from this program. You may be eligible even if you purchase Gas from a wholesaler who in turn buys Gas from NMGC.

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