Demand Side Management

Best practice demand-side management (DSM) helps utilities meet requirements for multifamily housing.

Maximize Utility

Through efficiency improvements and resident education programs, ICAST can help you shift energy consumption and save energy & water.

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Investing and Financing

Triple Bottom Line Foundation is partnered with ICAST to help fund projects by providing low-interest loans and off-balance-sheet financing plans.

Apply for Financing

Loans are issued by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution certified by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

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Multifamily Building Retrofits

A retrofit that improves the efficiency of your energy and water systems will make your building more profitable, sustainable, and affordable.

One Stop Shop

ICAST's innovative model helps multifamily properties tackle retrofits in a cost-effective manner.

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Solar Services

Information on solar services and programs with ICAST.

Solar Services

Information on solar services and programs with ICAST, including multifamily solar, community solar, and project sunlight.

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Advice from ICAST experts helps property owners drive down operating costs, plan retrofit projects, and navigate financing options.

Portfolio & Property Analysis

Figuring out the smartest way to operate your building opens up benefits and incentives such as MIP reduction.

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Carbon Credits Program

ICAST's Carbon Credit Program and registry on the CSA GHG CleanProjects registry.

ICAST's Carbon Credit Program

ICAST’s Carbon Credit Project monetizes the value of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reductions achieved through our green, whole-building retrofits for multifamily (MF) housing in order to fund future projects.

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