On-Site Solar

 ICAST's one-stop-shop model for multifamily housing does not stop with energy efficiency and water conservation.

We are innovating to ensure all types of multifamily housing have access to benefits of solar energy.

One-Stop-Shop from planning to completion

• On-site portfolio assessment: solar + battery option suitability, system sizing, and return-on-investment analysis.
Custom-tailored solar financing.
Ensure bonus tax credits accrue to project​.
​​Monetize the ITC and Accelerated Depreciation​.
Identify and apply for other grants and incentives​.
• Full-service project management and installation.
• Workforce development and tenant engagement.
Two young technicians installing heavy solar photo voltaic panels on a multifamily property.

Benefits to Multi-Family Housing Partners

Saving money with multifamily solar
Savings on utility bills for both commercial meters and tenants.
Recognition at solar conference
Recognition on a national level as a partner to this US DOE program during conferences, webinars, publications, case studies, and other media exposure.
Solar on a multifamily household
Green marketability of your property plus lower utility costs to potential tenants.

The process:

1. Initial Interview: Our Solar Energy Consultant will assess Property Owner or Manager needs and obtain 12 months’ bills and other information necessary to make a proposal​.

2. Proposal: Our Solar Energy Consultant presents a complete assessment of the Project to the Property Owner or Manager, including Capital Cost minus all incentives, Energy Bill Savings, Payback Period, and Financing Options.​

3. Signed Proposal​.

4. Site Visit by ICAST Engineering​.

5. Contract signed​.

6. Installation begins.

Solar panels on roof of multifamily building

ICAST is also implementing a shared solar program with utilities across the nation. To learn more about this initiative, called Project Sunlight, click here.

For more information on federal solar programs and tax credits, click here.