NYSERDA Project in Troy NY – Case Study

ICAST Success Stories: Energy Efficiency Retrofit Troy Housing Authority

Troy Housing Authority

ImageNet-Zero Engineering Design & Report

6-unit affordable housing property

Total Project Cost: $156,405 w/ Wall Assembly w/ Sheathing. $475,405 w/panels.

Annual kWh Savings: 79935.2

Tons of Carbon Saved Annually: Approx. 72.56 tons

Results: Modeled Energy Use Index (EUI) was calculated to be 16.3 kBtu/ft2/year. The target for the project was 20 kBtu/ft2/year, the building started at 61.9 kBtu/ft2/year, and Phase II retrofitting brought it down to 54.4 kBtu/ft2/year for a baseline.

ICAST led a team of engineers, architects, and other industry professionals to create a scalable design for the retrofit of existing multifamily properties to achieve net zero energy usage. ICAST created the work for The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) for the Troy Housing Authority. This was part of the new consulting services ICAST added to its One-Stop-Shop.

ICAST is a nonprofit social enterprise providing social, economic and environmental benefits to local communities including achieving affordability of housing, impacting climate change and creating local jobs through green upgrades of multifamily apartments.
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