Project Open – Case Study

ICAST Success Stories: Energy Efficiency Retrofit Project Open

Project Open

Image$146,721 Total Incentives From Utility Partners

Salt Lake City, UT

104 units of Affordable Apartments

Total Renovation Project Cost: $561,960

Annual kWh Savings: 489071

CO2 Emissions Offset: 449.90 Tons

Energy Efficiency Heat Pumps, Tankless Water Heaters,

Smart Thermostats, Energy Star Appliances,

Upgraded Lighting, & High Efficiency Windows

This project will receive $58,688 annually in energy savings, and the energy cost savings over the life of energy-efficient solutions will equal $1 million.

Electric Vehicle Retrofit

Electric Vehicles: 2 Nissan Leaf’s, one e-Bike & one e-Scooter

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure:

  • Two Level 2 smart chargers for cars + two
    parking spots reserved for cars
  • Two chargers for Bike and Scooter + 5’ x 5’
    parking spot for the e-Bike and e-Scooter
  • EV Share software and hardware installed in all EVs and available for subscribers on smart phones

Details Financials for Pilot:

  • Cost of chargers and installation (2 + 2): $20,000
  • Cost of EVs (2+1+1): $80,000
  • Cost of Software and Hardware: $5,000
  • Cost of Managing Pilot for one year: $12,000

ICAST has partnered with the Giv Group (affordable housing developer in Salt Lake City) and Rocky Mountain Power (electric utility in Utah) to pilot its unique approach. RMP installed the EV infrastructure while The Giv Group acquired the EVs. The pilot accesses a car sharing software platform for a monthly fee. ICAST is currently working on mechanisms to access Medicaid funding for transportation from the MFAH property to the hospital or Doctors appointment or grocery store, to ensure fiscal viability for the program.

ICAST is a nonprofit social enterprise providing social, economic and environmental benefits to local communities including achieving affordability of housing, impacting climate change and creating local jobs through green upgrades of multifamily apartments.
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