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Heat Pump Project at 47 Seventy Recognized by Utah Housing Coalition

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Heat Pump Project at 47 Seventy Recognized by Utah Housing Coalition

Utah Housing Coalition (UHC) gives awards to individuals, agencies, and projects that increase housing affordability. Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) nominated 47 Seventy Settler’s Point for a green renovation incorporating dual fuel heat pump upgrades this year. The results are in, and 47 Seventy took home a Project of the Year award for energy preservation. 

47 Seventy is a 416-unit “naturally occurring affordable housing” property in Utah. It is owned by Marble Partners, LLC, and managed by Apartment Management Consultants (AMC), LLC. The owner’s initial goal was to replace their old central air conditioners (CACs). However, they reconsidered and now aim to replace their CACs and decades-old gas furnaces. With rebates from RMP and general contracting services from ICAST, they have so far replaced the inefficient HVAC in over 120 units with cold-climate air-source heat pumps (ccASHPs) and new gas furnaces for backup heating. They also installed LED lighting and smart thermostats. Project savings calculations show that over the lifetime of the upgrades, 47 Seventy will abate approx. 57M lbs. of carbon emissions, save approx. $4M in utility bills, and achieve kWh savings of approx. 31M.  

 RMP nominated 47 Seventy for its economic, environmental, and social benefits. ccASHPs provide cooling and heating (often down to subzero temperatures) and can be about 3-5 times more efficient than conventional HVAC. Their adoption is nascent in most regions, but they are a high-value investment because they can reduce residents’ utility bills and increase the health and comfort of their homes in addition to curbing greenhouse gas emissions. 47 Seventy residents that received dual fuel upgrades can expect their energy burdens to be reduced by an average of 2-3 utility bills per year, freeing up dollars for other necessities like groceries and healthcare. This is incredibly valuable in the face of inflation and a housing affordability crisis that worsens yearly.  

Congratulations to Marble Partners and AMC for their outstanding work with this property. This project is an example for all multifamily affordable housing owners and managers who want to improve their properties and benefit the tenants. 

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