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Energy efficient HVAC units.

Since 2020, ICAST has been implementing a U.S. Dept. of Energy-funded program to catalyze the mass adoption of very high-efficiency (VHE) heat pump-based HVAC and water-heating technologies in multifamily affordable housing (MFAH).

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Fungus inside walls may sound like a homeowner’s worst nightmare, but those ancient organisms could be key to making buildings healthier and more sustainable. 

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President Biden Releases Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Proposal

On March 28, President Biden released his $5.8T fiscal year (FY) 2023 budget proposal. The final FY22 budget was not everything the President had hoped for, so it is fair to wonder how well the proposed budget for FY23 will hold up. That being said, some of the proposed numbers are worth keeping an eye on:

  • $11.9B for the Environmental Protection Agency
    • A 25% increase over current spending of $9.5 billion
  • $48.2B for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
    • A 7% increase ($3.3B) over current spending of $44.9B
  • $71.9B for the Department of Housing and Urban Development
    • Approximately $12.3B more than the FY21 level, and $6.2B more than the FY22 level

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ICAST recently received $25,000 in funding from the McCune Foundation, which will help ICAST incorporate our Green Construction Careers (GC2) Program into a community solar project in rural New Mexico. By incorporating GC2, ICAST can ensure that the local communities served by the project also benefit from economic opportunities. The GC2 Program is an innovative education-to-employment pipeline that helps underserved populations access jobs in the growing green economy. 

 ICAST’s community solar efforts in New Mexico fall under its Project Sunlight program, an innovative approach to low-income community solar. Project Sunlight leverages multiple low-cost sources of financing to bring solar to low-income families living in multifamily affordable housing. ICAST is looking forward to working with the McCune Foundation to enhance Project Sunlight and impact low-income rural New Mexicans.  

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