Project GC2
(Green Construction Careers)

Green buildings play an essential role in reducing utility costs, impacting climate change, and increasing housing affordability.  Since 2002, ICAST has provided green building construction services to multifamily properties with the goal of creating a positive social, environmental and economic impact on the low-to-moderate income (LMI) tenants living in those apartments. ICAST uses its green retrofit program to train disadvantaged youth and adults in green building skills and help meet the need for skilled workers in the multifamily, clean energy and green construction job markets.

ICAST offers a green construction workforce training program comprising of:

Online Education    •    Classroom Training    •    On-the-Job Paid Apprenticeships

Project GC2 provides disadvantaged individuals with hands-on training to learn green building skills, helping them gain experience to enter the workforce and earn a higher wage. We partner with organizations such as YouthBuild, whose programs recruit disconnected youth (defined as individuals aged 16-24 who have left school and are seeking employment) to the program. Our collaborative network also includes local governments, property owners, utilities, construction contractors, multifamily property owners, and financial institutions. This network helps generate ICAST’s pipeline of multifamily projects which create on-site work opportunities for program participants.
In partnership with Santa Fe Community College (SFCC), ICAST developed the curriculum and infrastructure to train individuals on green building skills. Our multimedia online courses and classroom training are offered in three packages:
  1. SFCC Certificate: Online course, coupled with a one-day classroom training by ICAST staff, and a minimum of 20 hours on-the-job training.
  2. Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certification: Optional 15 hour online course to help trainees who have received the SFCC certificate prepare for the BPI certification exam.
  3. North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Solar Certification: On-site, two-week “train-the-trainer” course provided at SFCC and available to trainers from our partner organizations. Due to the expense of this training (travel, lodging and boarding, and speaker costs), it is offered to a select number of participants who can make a significant impact across our partner organizations. The course provides participants the skills and knowledge to teach solar PV installation as part of their own program.

A group of deaf youth from the El Paso area who assisted in a southeastern New Mexico renovation project.


A youth group in Utah working with ICAST employees

Trainees learn a variety of hands-on skills working at ICAST’s multifamily green retrofit projects.  They learn to install LED lights, low-flow showerheads, aerators, toilets, smart thermostats, insulation, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide monitors as part of their apprenticeship. ICAST staff and subcontractors provide training and are on-site with partner organization staff site to monitor trainees.
Trainees gain on-the-job experience by working on the installations of various green upgrades in dozens of apartments.   Upon program graduation, trainees receive a certification of completion from the community college.  Our referrals help place participants in good-paying, permanent jobs within the industry.