“ICAST was able to include not only energy improvements for my building, but also other enhancements that have totally changed the look and feel of my building.

They have gone above and beyond in keeping me apprised and in-the-loop. They helped in selecting the best contractors to perform the tasks, and followed up to make sure the work was being done to my satisfaction (which is was).”

Kevin Liddy

Member at Reef Point Apartments IV, LLC

“The refrigerator is great, and the new LED lights make the kitchen a lot brighter now. I love the new windows, they are easier to open and close. The old ones hurt my back and arms trying to open them. Its quieter now too, and warmer at night and cooler in the day time when it heats up.” 

Gloria Martinez

Resident at Villa del Norte, New Mexico

“In 2010, Sunnyside Retirement Center underwent an energy audit. We were awarded grants that began phase one of a two-part upgrade to our facility. We now know how fortunate we were to be offered energy upgrades financed by grants and organized by ICAST. 

We have seen savings with electrical bills due to new efficiency lighting, however the gas bills are what continue to amaze us. We are enjoying an amazing savings of over $5,000 in our yearly bills. We are very happy with the new boilers and water heaters. We feel blessed to have been awarded these grants with the help of ICAST.”

Maggie Trebesh

Finance Manager at Sunnyside Retirement Center, Colorado

“I’ve been living here about 19 years, and there are a lot of changes going on right now. The courtyard looks really nice, we all got a new furnace and refrigerator; they’re doing the windows and garage roof, and we’re getting new fences. It’s been really nice and hopefully our utility bills will be going down. The quality of work has been really good, and it hasn’t really been bothersome at all.”

Luis DeJesus

Resident at Murdock Apartments, Colorado

“I have lived at Encino Villa for 6 years now…this is my home. I love my new toilet, the height is great, easier to use, it flushes better, and I love that it conserves water. The new lighting in the kitchen is great. It’s brighter in there and there are no more humming sounds.  

My new refrigerator has more space than the old one, and makes less noise! The temperature controls work… my old one used to freeze all my food” 

I used to work on my old Chevy truck with a friend, so I am used to asking a lot of questions about how things work. The workers that came were all very nice. They talked to me and answered all of my questions.”

Sherrie Land

Resident at Encino Villa, New Mexico