December 2021 Newsletter

UCAIR Utah Clean Air Partnership

ICAST Receives UCAIR Grant

ICAST was recently selected as a 2021-2022 UCAIR Grant recipient for its project: Bringing Beneficial Electrification to Utah’s Low-Income Community.

ICAST's project will retrofit 2,000 affordable multifamily housing (MFAH) homes with energy efficiency, health safety, and water conservation upgrades to reduce lifetime energy consumption by 22 million+ kWh. 

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Swedish Eco-Town Adds World’s Tallest 20-Story Wooden Skyscraper

Skellefteå is a small Swedish town that runs on 100% renewable energy. On its outskirts, Europe’s largest battery factory is currently under construction. The next generation of electric vehicle batteries will not only be produced here, but recycled too. And now, 20 stories above the low-rise skyline, Skellefteå has added the Sara Cultural Centre and its towering Wood Hotel which store about 9,000 tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

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ICAST Policy Blog

Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Signed into Law 

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (H.R. 3684) passed and was signed into law by President Biden this past month. The White House has released a Fact Sheet stating that this new law will “…ensure every American has access to high-speed internet, tackle the climate crisis, advance environmental justice, and invest in communities that have too often been left behind.” 

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Ithaca Votes to Electrify and Decarbonize Every Building in the City

Ithaca, NY is set to be the first city in the country to electrify and decarbonize every single building. The city of about 30,000 people consists of some 6,000 homes and buildings. Decarbonization would involve looking at everything from how a building is heated to what appliances it uses, with the aim of moving away from the consumption of fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas. Ithaca’s partner, BlocPower, is a Brooklyn-based company focused on “greening” aging buildings. The goal in Ithaca is to reach full building decarbonization by 2030 and have the first phase done in the next three years.

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