November 2021 Newsletter


ICAST's Carbon Credit Project

ICAST’s Carbon Credit Project monetizes the value of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reductions achieved through our green, whole-building retrofits for multifamily (MF) housing in order to fund future projects. These retrofits produce significant co-benefits for low- and moderate-income (LMI) communities in line with the triple bottom line standard of our mission.

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Exergyn Develops a New Air Conditioning Technology That Avoids HFCs

Exergyn, a small Irish company based in Dublin, has developed a new type of air conditioning which not only avoids hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), but also has the benefit of having few moving parts at its core. Exergyn’s system uses a substance called a shape-memory alloy, a material with the unusual ability to return to a pre-determined shape when heated.

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ICAST Policy Blog

Congressional Infrastructure and Budget Bills Update

While formal votes on the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the partisan reconciliation bill have yet to take place, draft texts of both bills continue to float amongst Congressmembers. Negotiations have caused some line items to shift in price tag, but according to a benchmark first reported by Axios on October 26, the climate change provisions in the reconciliation package may still total more than $500 billion—not far off from the approximately $600 billion proposed in earlier versions of the bill.

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COP26 -  UN Climate Change  Conference Update

Around 120 leaders came together in Glasgow Monday at the start of COP26, launching two weeks of global negotiations to help determine whether humanity can drive forward the urgent action needed to avoid catastrophic climate change.

As the world experiences record temperatures and extreme weather pushing the planet dangerously close to climate catastrophe, the need for urgent action at COP26 has never been clearer. 

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