October 2021 Newsletter



ICAST Receives Grants for Affordable Housing and Workforce Development

ICAST received several grants to support our sustainability, affordable housing, and workforce development efforts. Wells Fargo awarded ICAST two grants to preserve multifamily affordable housing through sustainable measures in both Missouri and New Mexico. Additionally, Union Pacific awarded ICAST a Community Ties Giving Program Workforce Development grant for green career education and training in Utah. 

Scotland’s Green Jobs Workforce Academy Offers New Route to a Sustainable Career

Scotland’s Green Jobs Workforce Academy is a new service to help more Scottish people grasp the job opportunities offered by the country’s growing green economy. Available at greenjobs.scot, the academy will help ensure Scotland’s workforce has the skills it needs to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2045. 

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US congress Building

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Congressional Infrastructure and Budget Bills Update

The $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill has stumbled across a bit of a roadblock on its way to passage. Progressive Democrats argue that they will not vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill until the partisan $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill has been passed; meanwhile, moderate Democrats continue to argue that they will not vote in favor of the reconciliation package with its current attached dollar value. Allegedly, Speaker Pelosi has promised that the infrastructure vote will commence in October. As for now, the date for a vote on the reconciliation bill and its price tag are still up in the air.

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New-Generation Tools Redefine Energy Efficiency

These days, multifamily owners and developers have a vast menu of energy-efficient strategies to pick from. LED lighting, Energy STAR-rated appliances, and energy audits are mainstream. Formerly obscure strategies are gaining traction, low-cost sustainable features are the norm, and organizations that advocate greener practices are seeing interest soar. Options range from on-site solar and green space to smart technology.

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