The Metro Condos: Working During the Pandemic

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ICAST is currently performing energy upgrades to The Metro Condominiums, a midrise multifamily building in downtown Salt Lake City. Unlike most of our energy efficiency projects, this project focuses on common area lighting upgrades to the parking garage, exterior, hallway, and stairwells. ICAST was able to start this project in June, a time of uncertainty due to the pandemic, because it does not require entry into tenant homes.

The LED lighting installer wears necessary PPE at all times and takes all precautions per CDC guidelines. We work on exterior lighting in the morning and wait until later in the day to work on the interior common areas. Also, red cones are used to notify tenants of the installer’s presence.

Lance Jackson, the Director of Pools and Maintenance at The Metro Condominiums commented, “All in all, things are ahead of schedule to complete the work. I like the added brightness of the lighting. It has improved the look of the spaces, in my opinion.”

ICAST is taking every precaution to ensure the safety of the tenants, employees, and contractors while still reducing energy usage, cutting utility costs, and making multifamily homes more appealing for tenants and property owners.

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