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Working to Revitalize Democracy: New Power Project

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Working to Revitalize Democracy: New Power Project

The New Power Project is a relatively new initiative that will seek out values-driven individuals who have grown up in marginalized or underserved communities and help them run for elective office. It will work to break down barriers that so often prevent these individuals from seeking and winning public office, such as a lack of social capital, a lack of a fundraising base, and the lack of the “right credentials.”  In so doing, it aims to expand the pathways into an elected office for a new generation of servant leaders.

“The New Power Project is important to me because I know intimately what support Opportunity Youth, like myself, need to take back power in their communities, to redesign leadership and policy by being brave enough to run for office locally or statewide. I want to be of service of young adults for pathways out of poverty to elected seats.” — District Leader Shaquana Boykin

Six of the eight candidates in New ‘Power’s first full cohort of candidates in 2022 won their elections. The initiative was founded by David M. Abromowitz, who most recently served as YouthBuild ‘USA’s Chief Public Policy Officer. New Power’s services for candidates include assigning a campaign advisor for consultations; connecting them with an elected mentor; organizing fundraising opportunities with donors nationwide; and offering campaign readiness training programs.

Learn more about the initiative here.

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