June 2019 Newsletter


ICAST Launches its Carbon Monetization Program.

ICAST, with the help of Edwards Mother Earth Foundation, has launched a program to gain certification for the carbon credits from its clean energy work and be able to monetize those credits while working on its growth plans to expand its geographic reach and the services it offers it Multifamily and Utility clients. In 2018 alone, ICAST reduced carbon emissions by 4,900 tons, and over the lifetime of upgrades, we will reduce carbon emissions by 143,393 tons. Ed McIlvain at ICAST will be driving this project.

Solar-Powered Mini-Device Churns Out Hydrogen Fuel.

A Swiss research team designed a system that, in lab tests, can harness an amount of energy equivalent to more than 400 times the solar energy that typically falls on a given area of Earth. The researchers used high-powered lamps to provide their ‘solar’ input, but existing solar facilities concentrate the Sun’s energy to a similar degree using mirrors or lenses. Waste heat is used to enhance the reaction rate. The team predicts that their test device — which has a footprint roughly 5 centimeters square — could produce an estimated 47 liters of hydrogen gas over six sunlit hours. That’s the highest rate per unit of area for any solar-powered photoelectrochemical device.

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Tesla Aims for 2020 Production of Battery Packs With Million Mile Lifetimes.

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that the automaker is working on a new battery pack to come out next year which will last 1 million miles, as long as a commercial truck. Musk added that: “The new battery pack that is probably going to production next year is designed explicitly for 1 million miles of operation.” The CEO said that they are optimizing every aspect of the cars, including the tires, in order to achieve minimal maintenance to create an “hyper-efficient” electric robotaxi. Industry sources report that Tesla’s battery research group is applying for a patent that describes a new battery cell chemistry that would result in faster charging and discharging, better longevity, and even lower cost. The battery technology that Tesla is trying to get through its acquisition of Maxwell could also potentially result in longevity improvements.

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New Team Members

  1. Cynthia Charity joined ICAST as its Business Development Officer. Cindy has over 20 years of experience in Sales and Operations in a variety of industries and will be overseeing the ICAST Client Solutions team.
  2. Emma Laub was an intern at ICAST, and after graduating from CU-Boulder, she has joined ICAST as a Marketing Coordinator.
  3. Gary Pickering also worked for ICAST as an intern and has joined us the team in Utah as an Assistant Construction Site Supervisor.
  4. Jay Wickman is a licensed Architect and has over 20 years of experience as a Project Manager and an Architect. Jay has joined the Engineering group at ICAST to help with design projects for new construction and rehab.
  5. Curt Shepard has previously worked as an originator and preliminary underwriter in multifamily lending and has joined ICAST as an Inside Sales Consultant.

Welcome aboard all!